Vegetarian Menu

Service Description

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New potato,sauted mushroom,french beans ,peas ,yellow and green courget and sesame yogurt serve with basil oil

Peas puree, broad bean salad, roasted cauliflower, grilled courgette and roasted hazelnuts

serving with mozzarella and pesto

serving with Butternut Squash velvet and parmesan crisps

Tabulleh Salad with ketchup mains

Main Course

Grains ,Chickpeas and feta

serves with tomato sauce and tahini yogurt

Stuffed Aubergine with slow cooked onion ,dill and tomato serving frisbee salad and grilled roll courgettes

serving with creamy lemon sauce

Asparagus risotto serving with mushroom and truffle oil


Serving in a bed of berries and almond sauce

Stylish rice pudding serving with Oreo soil and berries

Perfect mix of amazing flovers

Classic taste meet with the Turkish Baklava .


Children Menu (£25)

Vegeterian/Vegan Menu (£140)